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Advertising Design

The way we design advertising has shaped our markets tremendously in the last few decades. The principles of Design/Art are the guidance as the medium has shifted from print to screen of liquid crystals and LEDs. How educated are you when purchasing a product? Is Advertising contributing to this education, or does it confuse you by adding visual bloat?

Ad social beer haus

Ad Social Beer Haus

Advertisment for Social Beer Haus Calgary Social Beer Haus in Calgary has recently opened their doors to the public. This Ad was designed for web only in regards to their Soft Launch.  Check them out at socialbeerhaus.com


Chopi and King Samovar

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The book ”Chopi and King Samovar” creates a life-like situation of an important matter – belonging.  Ceramic vessels come to life in a carousel of events, shrouded in sensitivity, and spectacular dynamism.

Chopi, a small ceramic vessel is “a little boy with a deeply cracked face but with eyes that sparkle with curiosity and imagination.” He was born with certain imperfections. Although the child is of high social rank, he is forced to live with his Grandma, Tefania, isolated from the rest of the society he desperately wants to be a part of.

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Albastru in doi / blue embrace poetry book

Blue Embrace / Albastru in doi

The author is offering the reader the chance of taking a journey into the depths of ardor and despair, of her inner self, through rhetorically doubtful questions, playing with words, exposing her suffering, loneliness, desires, longing, in sublime expressions, unexpected combinations of words, inviting to guessing, to identifying oneself to the season of her heart.

Codruț Miron’s translation and adaptation show not only a subtle yet defined mastery of the English language, but also a special sensitivity, a specific level of understanding the poetess’s feelings like chords on a harp, vibrating at the same frequency and with a similar intensity, giving birth to perfect harmony, in a union of hearts. The translator’s selection of words and expressions as well as the combinations of figures of speech and crafty inversions give Daniela’s poetry the same meaning, thus preserving the resonance of the verses, the musicality of the lyrics. Codruț Miron’s translation in English offers the reader the same level of profundity, as the author intended in her native tongue, Romanian.

Maria Bandol
Kelowna, BC, Canada

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