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The Dream is Free the Hustle is sold separately

Dream free DimePiece Los Angeles sold

Every once in a while we like to see an “attitude” in the presentation, a spark that settles a model pose, or a series of photographs aside from the mainstream. As we came along dimepieceLA we like a lot the raw and simplicity of gestures, the youth in the air, and the fringe feeling is all over.  You might want to check out their store and articles in the News section; it brings vitality and something to think about when you buy stuff, like the t-shirt that gives the title of this post “the dream is free, the hustle is sold separately“. The question is what dream has ever been without some sort of hustle!? It’s part of the game and the more we challenge it, the more suffering, the greater the reward.

Back to the DimepieceLA store, it has a bunch of cool stuff that you might want to purchase; scroll down on the homepage to the feature products and check out the t-shirts, sweaters, bags, phone cases, water bottles, caps, totes, and so much more.

From their article “NEW DIMEPIECE WILL HAVE YOU DRIPPIN’…” by Julianne Quirong: “Laura and Ashley have created some HEAT for August. Their newest collection contains a variety of pieces ranging from tees to swimwear. To add on to their latest drip, everything is at affordable prices”. Check out their new sports bras and leggings for the gym today!

We love their videos too, “L.A. to Joshua Tree”, “We’re open”, “Dimepiece for Amazon”, to name just a few, are short 21st century fashion direct symbols kind of vids with messages like “Pray for my haters”, or “Aint no Wifey”. Play the one below, and cheers!

Dream free dimepiece los angeles sold

Who is DimePiece LA

The two founders, Laura and Ashley, have been fearless since 2007 when they decided to start the brand since they were both in the fashion district in downtown Los Angeles. They’ve introduced “the most prevalent contemporary street style” through uninhibited fashion-forward streetwear.

Again, from their story “What began as a small graphic t-shirt collection has evolved into one of the only leading women’s contemporary streetwear label’s around. Now in its 10th year, Dimepiece adds another solid installment, from influential to unstoppable, as international tastemakers Nicki Minaj, Cara Delevingne, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Willow Smith, Ellie Goulding, Jourdan Dunn, Jessie J and Katy Perry, among many, have emerged as fans.”. Find out more about their timeline here.


Love individuals for who they are

How would you recover from this Covid-19 pandemic if you’re not dancing like “Dimepice for Amazon” girls, bold, loud and limitless? The model in the “State of Mind” video is just gorgeous, so are the girls and guys in the SS 16 collection… just that attitude, the oomph that the fashion industry in LA brings to the table through DimePiece. We’d love to come down to LA and meet DimePiece, maybe have a photoshoot, improve our portfolio, and each other’s image. Who knows?! maybe one day when travel gets back to a decent normal, whatever that means. We love you guys and hope to see more of your work soon.

Stock Photo, happy outcome on a long run

Stock Photo, video, and illustration guidelines

If you are considering shooting for commercial purposes, then stock photography is an option for you. It all applies to videos and illustrations. Sound stock and music fall into a different category and we’ll address it later in a different post. Meanwhile here is a recorded live video from Adobe Stock with really good insights and guidelines of how to plan and what to look for when shooting for stock.

We know you know, but just as a reminder to utilize a Model Release per each model, and Property Release for recognizable properties when uploading photos and videos to any stock platform. It legally covers you and the platform you are uploading to. This video speaks for itself but if you still have questions, please ask us and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Cheers and stay creative!

Model Release Apps examples

Have one that’s as easy as possible to use, fits your OS or both iOS and Android, and have the ability to sign Release directly on the mobile device (electronically):

Public Photography

Lifehacker has a great article on shooting in public called ‘Know Your Rights: Photography in Public.’

Remember, they’re all around ~$10 USD.

Features to look for

  • Import Google Contacts from phone/tablet to automatically fill out the form. No need to create a separate database.
  • Save the model’s new information to your Google Contacts from the same form the model fills out.
  • Take picture of the model’s identification. The image will be printed on the PDF document with the rest of the model’s information.
  • Input adult legal age. In some countries or even in some states the legal age can range from 15 years old up to 21 years old. Default is 18 years old.
  • If the model is a minor when selecting the date of birth, the signature page will switch to parent or guardian. Model release PDF will indicate minor.
  • You can include the witness’ signature.
  • Share PDF file after generating PDF form to an Email, Drive, Dropbox, etc.
  • Add company logo to the top of model release.
  • Add your own custom text file with basic HTML attributes or use the one provided and modify.
  • Help section to understand each section of model release including settings.
  • The photographer’s signature is saved in a system folder only accessible by this app so your signature is safe. When uninstalling this app your signature is also deleted.
  • Save and open Shoot Information and Model’s Information to access at a later time.
  • Open a list of PDFs created from this app and view PDF when the file is clicked.
  • Included are Property and Photo release PDF creation.
  • All release forms are as is. Use the forms as a template for writing your own releases. Please consult with legal counsel.



  • Contacts- used to retrieve phone contacts and fill the model’s information in the contacts section of the app.
  • Storage- saves the PDF in the phone’s main storage. Saves the custom model release form for you to modify using a 3rd party text editor. Use a Custom logo from your gallery. Save and open model’s information and shoot information.
  • Camera- take picture of the model’s ID.


Boudoir shoots

You would need three types of model releases for your boudoir business:

  • General Model Release
  • Limited Model Release
  • Anonymous Model Release

Negotiating The Number Of Images – the model is not going to use all 250-500 shots you take of his/her. She’s only going to use maybe a dozen or so, only the best ones. If you limit the number of images she receives, it allows you to retouch and post-process just that limited number so it serves as quality control for your brand.

Thanks again, and happy shooting!

Is 2020 going to be an AI year?

A friend of ours sent us the other day this podcast to listen, and ever since we were not the same. Like art, there are events in life that modify our brain in unexpected ways, some reversible, others irreversible. This is one of those times when we freeze speechless in the armchair with no direction, no reply. Listen to this podcast and type a short comment below if we should be concerned in 2020 and beyond or not. We think this is another true step into the unknown. Let’s hear it.

Titan vs. Titan: AI & the race for global supremacy

by Podcast hosted by Mike Osborne and Andrea Mustain | https://www.pri.org/programs/world/featured-titan-vs-titan-ai-race-global-supremacy

Winter postcard design

Postcard design for CEFF 2019-2020, winter season – clean, balanced, calm, and joyful. The winter globe theme stays in perspective & balance with the Christmas tree globe, and its string again in balance with the type reading down to the bottom right corner ECSC logo. The productions are meant to be on a 5″x7″, 100# coated cardstock. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Joyful New Year!

Graphic design with purpose acknowledge constant forging on

CEFF 2019 in BeatRoute Magazine

Full page colour advertisement designed for the Calgary European Film Festival 2019 in BeatRoute magazine, October feature. The design stays consistent with the poster, postcard and the entire CEFF 2019 design theme. Project 2211 has been designing ads for CEFF in Beatroute magazine for years and today we are proud to present you the latest full page ad this October. Beatroute is our favourite cultural magazine alive in a print form, and we are happy to see our ad in it. You could find Beatroute here: https://beatroute.ca/category/film/  , and CEFF here https://calgaryeuropeanfilmfestival.ca

Graphic design with purpose acknowledge constant forging on

Destiny Productions

Destiny Productions – Video Production and Postproduction

Case Study
Documentary Production and Graphic Design

Destiny Productions, a film studio, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada that has been a source of inspiration for many since 2015.

Founded by

Daniela Cupse Apostoaei – Film Director, Writer

Graphic design with purpose acknowledge constant forging on


  • Documentary Production
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Poetry translation
  • Book layout
  • Illustration

Production & Post

Anything we design for Destiny Productions has the motion picture in mind. Because of this some designs have a theatrical approach, others a pure advertising sense.

A collaboration that many of us have hoped for years to have with our client. It’s the kind of business relationship you develop for a long time collabaration, with confidence and unprecedently willingness to help. For us, this is a big deal and we truthfully respect that.

Time Management

Like any professional business, managing the time is vital. Time management is the ability to plan and control how someone spends the hours in a day to effectively complete a project or multiple tasks. At the end our goal is to have a great and fun time while working on challenging projects.

Video Editing

Before we start editing a documentary certain steps have to achieved:

  • Capture studio-quality photographs and video
  • Work both on and off-site
  • Manage and oversee all technical aspects of video recording and editing  
  • Work with creative teammates
  • Regularly collaborate with marketing team
  • Follow the company’s brand guidelines
  • Present to senior management
  • Develop an overall video brand messaging strategy


Market Target

The target remains general population, people who care about others in need, social issues, and disfunctional communities.

Team Management & Interactions

What do you need to know to manage a creative team successfully? You need an answer to the question: What are they actually like? get a deep insight into their personalities. A comprehensive study about the creatively gifted people brings a whole lists of characteristics.

Poster Design

Dedicated feeling around the Documentary’s theme, the poster of a movie brings the quintessential out of the narrative without divulging the main story. 

Meaningfull Design


Engaging Compositions

Creative Ideas


Integrated storytelling

Graphic design with purpose acknowledge constant forging on
Graphic design with purpose acknowledge constant forging on
Graphic design with purpose acknowledge constant forging on
Graphic design with purpose acknowledge constant forging on
Graphic design with purpose acknowledge constant forging on

User Experience

The benefit of bringing to light the truth in a story is priceless, no matter how ugly the truth might be. Some do shake us to the ground, but at the same time they enrich us to profound levels of counciousness. These films make us more responsable and carefull to people and communities in need of help.

Brand Design

Typography has played the main role in Destiny Productions logo design. The “D” and “P” blend in with an artifact of a film reel, bringing the composition in unity and rhythm. The logo is meant to stay monochromatic for obvious reason of the tribute to black and white starting era of film. The serif Trajan Pro 3 brings a solid and stable feel along with elegancy of a such a powerful word “Destiny”. 

Web Design & Development

The website design of http://www.destinyproductions.ca/ has had a slight evolution since 2016 to present day. It’s been buit in Muse and since 2018-2019 lack of support from Adobe, we are planning on migrating to other platforms in 2020. With a contemporary look and feel in mind, we are planning on keeping the users involved and informed through new web tools available. 

As everywhere on our websites work, we like to see implemented advantages of the quintet HTML5-CSS3-JS-PHP-MySQL, along with various content from anywhere visual communication and motion picture exist.

Graphic design with purpose acknowledge constant forging on
Graphic design with purpose acknowledge constant forging on

Check out more about their documentaries (shorts) on the left above button, or the current project(s) on the right.

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Be as specific so we get a better understanding of your needs and purpose of your project, and how we can achieve your goals.

Ad Social Beer Haus

Advertisment for Social Beer Haus Calgary

Social Beer Haus in Calgary has recently opened their doors to the public. This Ad was designed for web only in regards to their Soft Launch.  Check them out at socialbeerhaus.com