Divi 4 coming up

Who wouldn’t like a free Macbook Pro in his/her hands? We would love it but more than anything else we’ve been waiting for the new Divi 4 to arrive, as it’s been our favourite WP builder for the past 2 years. Not only it is powerful, easy to use and intuitive, but the complexity of it and the opening to designers is unprecedented. We are Graphic Designers primarily and we’ve tried lots of web tools to make out life easier, and I mean lots of them. Content creators and Graphic Designer build amazing websites these days. But when you have a group of developers and designers like Divi team, then we are all (almost) set. We still need to convince the influencers of what we are capable of but that could be another post some other time, right? 🙂 

Bottom line, we love Divi, and we’ll continue to use it for an as long as they exist. The modules, the fact that we could safe pages layouts, separate modules setups, virtually anything, help us on a daily basis with managing our websites. So thank you Divi team for building on this amazing platform. As CSS, JS and HTML will evolve, so as Divi.

One thing we would love to see improved in the next future is the capability of blocking the new security plugins for wp that might affect the front end of the Divi builder. But this again, could a separate chat. Thanks again Divi nation!