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Is 2020 going to be an AI year?

A friend of ours sent us the other day this podcast to listen, and ever since we were not the same. Like art, there are events in life that modify our brain in unexpected ways, some reversible, others irreversible. This is one of those times when we freeze speechless in the armchair with no direction, no reply. Listen to this podcast and type a short comment below if we should be concerned in 2020 and beyond or not. We think this is another true step into the unknown. Let’s hear it.

Titan vs. Titan: AI & the race for global supremacy

by Podcast hosted by Mike Osborne and Andrea Mustain | https://www.pri.org/programs/world/featured-titan-vs-titan-ai-race-global-supremacy

Your password, your life

The other day we’ve bumped into a problem of finding/resetting the password on one of the accounts and we both, us and the client, felt the frustration for our inability to help in recovering the password. As it is a very sensitive matter, we were able to briefly explain how passwords are these days not stored as text anymore due to security issues. This following video will better explain why in just seven minutes.