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Design Presence 

Calgary European Film Festival has been offering new European movies to Calgary since 2012.  European Cinematography at its best in two intense weeks of visual storytelling, in 2019 with 22 European countries onboard.


  • President: Adrian Glavan
  • Vice-President: Filomena Calabrese
  • Treasurer: Claire Bourges
  • Secretary: Veronika Standish
  • Communications: Helene Giradot
  • Directors at large: Iwona Piotrowski, Ron Reine, Ana Glavan


  • Web Design
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Video promo
  • Advertising Design

Creative Calgary

What we look for before starting designing a poster, postcard, or any advertising material for CEFF: a theme that relates to the European conglomerate of nations and Calgary, or to the Canadian western culture in general.

Every year since 2012, Project 2211 has taken care of the advertising image of the Calgary European Film Festival. As film lovers and producers, we take pride in being part of this extraordinary community that gather once a year to bring us outstanding European movies to our Calgary downtown theaters.

Time Management

It is almost a year round preparation process for this festival to happen, so what you see is just the tip of the iceberg. The team meet at least 6 months in advance to take administrative and marketing decisions. This is where we start designing the first draft of our poster, the central piece of advertising to which all other materials will be aligned to.

Graphic Design

  • Briefing the Project with the Board.
  • Researching CEFF’s ecosystem.
  • Brainstorming on the slogan.
  • Proof out mockups.
  • Building the Design.
  • Presenting and refining the work.
  • Putting the Design into production. Distribute online and offline.

Market Target

The target expanded from a cinemateque art niche in the beginning to a general audience of all ages and backgrounds. Although the audience is wide, they are maintaining a high level by screening the majority of movies with awards on their belt. Because this festival has managed to maintain this high level of cinematography, in a short period of time the community grew larger that expected.

Team Management & Interactions

The conglomerate of communities has expanded from 3 participating countries in 2012 to 22 in 2019. In just 8 years CEFF has proven a solid venue in which Calgarians could and should  take pride as it is one of the strongest cinema screening events of the year.  

Festival Poster Design

We have been designing posters for Calgary European Film Festival since the beginning of it in 2012. It’s been a great experience and a learning curve for both parties. The design has constantly evolved and we are proud to be part of this team of film avids.   

Rich Design


Engaging Compositions

Creative Ideas

User Experience Research

Over 2000 film lovers show up every November to enjoy European movies. Some share European background, and like to reconnect with the reality back home. Others come to watch European cinematography at its best. 

Brand Design

CEFF Logo / Brand brings a bold sign of a bold and clear message, longevity by simplicity and stability. It’s almost like a brick construction (letter C with flat baseline) with a solid foundation of facing “F”s. The colors are meant to stay monochrome as a bridge in time since the era of the Black & White film. Typeface used is Frutiger 95 Ultra Black with  a bold clear message. 

Web Design & Development

The website design we have (re)built had a few updates since the 2012 version. We like to see implemented advantages of the quintet HTML5-CSS3-JS-PHP-MySQL.

Poster Design, Postcard, Program / Brochure Design, Gala Posters, Program Posters, Advertisment Design for various distributors in Calgary, Website Design, Social Media graphic presence, all provided by the onestop design studio, Project 2211, graphic, web design, and video production studio.

Media Distribution

Materials designed for Calgary European Film Festival end up to various print houses and distributed online and offline throughout downtown Calgary. Some of the partners are Outfront Media, Pattison, Metro, Redpoint Media, Beatroute, Avenue Magazine, Calgary Movies, CJSW, Red FM, Calgary International Film Festival, Calgary Underground Film Festival, Calgary Public Library. 

You get the idea

In 8 years CEFF jumped from 3 countries to 22. In another 5 years Europe is conquered and maybe, just maybe, we should consider expanding to… Greenland. Oh, no, someone else tried to buy it and  didn’t work out. 

  • CEFF in 2012 – 200 watchers
  • CEFF in 2015 – over 1000 watchers
  • CEFF in 2018 – over 2000 watchers

New Movies



Community Partners

Wrap Up Gala Design

Every year, on that last Sunday, the Wrap Up Gala takes place at a restaurant / pub in town. The poster design tipically stays consistent with the main poster’s theme and brings a fun, relaxed invitation to the end of the annual event.


Vivid Design

Fun Compositions

Creative Ideas

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