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Stock Photo, video, and illustration guidelines

If you are considering shooting for commercial purposes, then stock photography is an option for you. It all applies to videos and illustrations. Sound stock and music fall into a different category and we’ll address it later in a different post. Meanwhile here is a recorded live video from Adobe Stock with really good insights and guidelines of how to plan and what to look for when shooting for stock.

We know you know, but just as a reminder to utilize a Model Release per each model, and Property Release for recognizable properties when uploading photos and videos to any stock platform. It legally covers you and the platform you are uploading to. This video speaks for itself but if you still have questions, please ask us and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Cheers and stay creative!

Model Release Apps examples

Have one that’s as easy as possible to use, fits your OS or both iOS and Android, and have the ability to sign Release directly on the mobile device (electronically):

Public Photography

Lifehacker has a great article on shooting in public called ‘Know Your Rights: Photography in Public.’

Remember, they’re all around ~$10 USD.

Features to look for

  • Import Google Contacts from phone/tablet to automatically fill out the form. No need to create a separate database.
  • Save the model’s new information to your Google Contacts from the same form the model fills out.
  • Take picture of the model’s identification. The image will be printed on the PDF document with the rest of the model’s information.
  • Input adult legal age. In some countries or even in some states the legal age can range from 15 years old up to 21 years old. Default is 18 years old.
  • If the model is a minor when selecting the date of birth, the signature page will switch to parent or guardian. Model release PDF will indicate minor.
  • You can include the witness’ signature.
  • Share PDF file after generating PDF form to an Email, Drive, Dropbox, etc.
  • Add company logo to the top of model release.
  • Add your own custom text file with basic HTML attributes or use the one provided and modify.
  • Help section to understand each section of model release including settings.
  • The photographer’s signature is saved in a system folder only accessible by this app so your signature is safe. When uninstalling this app your signature is also deleted.
  • Save and open Shoot Information and Model’s Information to access at a later time.
  • Open a list of PDFs created from this app and view PDF when the file is clicked.
  • Included are Property and Photo release PDF creation.
  • All release forms are as is. Use the forms as a template for writing your own releases. Please consult with legal counsel.



  • Contacts- used to retrieve phone contacts and fill the model’s information in the contacts section of the app.
  • Storage- saves the PDF in the phone’s main storage. Saves the custom model release form for you to modify using a 3rd party text editor. Use a Custom logo from your gallery. Save and open model’s information and shoot information.
  • Camera- take picture of the model’s ID.


Boudoir shoots

You would need three types of model releases for your boudoir business:

  • General Model Release
  • Limited Model Release
  • Anonymous Model Release

Negotiating The Number Of Images – the model is not going to use all 250-500 shots you take of his/her. She’s only going to use maybe a dozen or so, only the best ones. If you limit the number of images she receives, it allows you to retouch and post-process just that limited number so it serves as quality control for your brand.

Thanks again, and happy shooting!