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In this blog, we’d like you to find interesting topics, variety, perspectives, taboos, and whatever comes to your mind when in the creative process. The materials don’t have to have an answer, as we are here to open a box and think about it. Others could judge and close it if they can. We are here just for fun and enlightenment. Drop us a question/interest on the contact page, or on Facebook. We’d be glad to answer it if we find it interesting. We read every single one of them, that’s a promise.

The dream is free the hustle is sold separately

The Dream is Free the Hustle is sold separately

Every once in a while we like to see an “attitude” in the presentation, a spark that settles a model pose, or a series of photographs aside from the mainstream. As we came along dimepieceLA we like a lot the raw and simplicity of gestures, the youth in the air, and the fringe feeling is all over.  You might want to check out their store and articles in the News section…

Stock photo, happy outcome on a long run

Stock Photo, happy outcome on a long run

Stock Photo, video, and illustration guidelines If you are considering shooting for commercial purposes, then stock photography is an option for you. It all applies to videos and illustrations....

Is 2020 going to be an ai year?

Is 2020 going to be an AI year?

A friend of ours sent us the other day this podcast to listen, and ever since we were not the same. Like art, there are events in life that modify our brain in unexpected ways, some reversible,...

Ad social beer haus

Ad Social Beer Haus

Advertisment for Social Beer Haus Calgary Social Beer Haus in Calgary has recently opened their doors to the public. This Ad was designed for web only in regards to their Soft Launch.  Check them...

Your password, your life

Your password, your life

The other day we’ve bumped into a problem of finding/resetting the password on one of the accounts and we both, us and the client, felt the frustration for our inability to help in recovering the...

Logo design hatrac

Logo Design Hatrac

Calgary Logo Design - Hatrac.ca, a logo concept designed in the time of our colaboration with Stillfire Studios in Calgary. Lots of good words about Stillfire as they are organizing tons of events...

Disasters for piano by david peacock

Disasters for Piano by David Peacock

In the long winter nights of cold and high winds, seated in front of an empty table with a pencil ready for schetching the next disaster. The work of David Peacock brings us to a timeless place...

Badge époque ensemble

Badge Époque Ensemble

Every once in a while we'll bring you sounds and music that inspired us in a point in time, and this way the artist is better presenting his/her music to you, the audience. Today is Badge Époque...